the Wordsmith

“ There is no beauty without poetry “
“ She wants to be a will o’ the wisp, a shifter
   taking on what form it pleases “
“ Could you almost be the male version of me?
   the boy-man I would have been if I could be “
“ I love you because I think I can fully express who I am with you;
   because you are the image of what I hope and dream of “
“ Science equals discovery of the marvels of God 🙂 “
“ Like an unstoppable tidal force, this revolution readies to flame our shores “
   (Ballet Revolucion, 2011)
“ Spring, autumn and winter, come and go in nature’s ever ceaseless cycle,
   Each occurring with its unique colours and landscape,
   In so corresponding the cycle of life and death, seem to celebrate
   And remind us of the transience and the delicate rhythm of life.”