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A Time For All The Crazy Little Things

crazy little things


One day, there will be a time

When I’ll do all the crazy little things I’ve been dreaming of.


Making an intoxicating shake

Of Toblerone, Mint, Cognac and Rum, or Kahlua?

Writing a book about the life of my furry toys,

A children’s title about critters (stray or not) in a lovely neighbourhood.

Yes, I aspire to be the next E.B. White 😍🕸


Hopping from concerts and music festivals in Vienna and Ghent 

To cosy clubs and bars in Madrid and Dublin.

Oh, belting out favourite tunes from Heart, The Pretenders and Pat Benatar 

As head of my own rock band!

To express myself to my heart’s content.

After all

We were all born to shine. We must be free to shine.

In the words of James Altucher:

” But I’m starting to finally accept the fact that all I want to be is ME. “

Be free to be you: the best version of you.


And on this special day, I wish my mighty little red dot a beauteous shower of blessings.

Wishing you peace, prosperity and harmony – keep that special sauce in you, Singapore!


One in a Trillion You: remembering LKY on SG50

The clock just struck twelve. Today marks the 50th year of independence for my country, Singapore; known also as the little red dot 🙂 . I can't remember how this cute name came to be but it has stuck to the national psyche somehow. An earnest pride of our achievements in spite of all limitations - of land, of resources.

And here, a man. A great man. Of immense energy and charisma, but not just that - a steely will; brave heart; a master of both great and small - Lee Kuan Yew, led this pygmy nation to this day. He is not here to celebrate with us today sadly. He had departed on 23 March 2015.

I recall distinctly the raging tempest, the night before the dismal announcement. Fiery claps of thunder. Wild lightning bolts. Torrential sheets of rain (they might have been tears from heaven). It was the same on the day of the State Funeral Procession. Throngs of thousands waited in the downpour, lining the streets to bid their last farewell to the dear man, our founding father. 

I kept one particular illustration of Mr Lee (picture on the right) that moved me most, among the copious articles surrounding his death (which had set both local and international media abuzz substantially). He is depicted with his back view in the midst of a garden; seemingly inspecting it with both pride and caution: this garden he planted by his sweat and blood.  The blue jacket is one he often donned while in office. This garden - is both my country, the Garden City, and perhaps, paradise. I'm quite sure Mr Lee would be peering from heaven today, watching if everything is well with his garden; and may I add, with pride at our National Day Parade in its Jubilee year. Rest in peace, Mr Lee. 

And to all my fellow citizens and residents, I wish you all a wonderful Jubilee Weekend!!


LKY in the garden
Picture: Lianhe Zaobao
(line is caused by newspaper fold)