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Saying Goodbye: Sylvester, the ‘Cow’ and other farewells

Sylvester, the 'Cow' and Other Farewells-2A family had moved away for 3 months now; along went their cats, Sylvester and the ‘Cow’. They were not particularly¬†fond of me, like I was of them. Sylvester never allowed me to pat him though I stopped by daily to salute.

Molly (whom I called the ‘cow’) greeted me at times: strolling over to rub her head against my ankles ūüė䬆or rolling over on her back when she spied me.¬†Still, I learned not to pat her. For often her initial coyness changed to an eerie hiss!!¬†a¬†conduct¬†I could not fathom .. was there something wrong with me?

Nevertheless I adored them. Their mere presence made my neighbourhood – just that much lovelier.

Around this time¬†of my neighbour’s¬†exit was another one: at my work place. A group of colleagues whom I had come to know – for almost a year, and genuinely like – were leaving the office, one after another; trickling out the company and from my life. ¬†

Yes, life and work still goes on. The adult in me moves on, shakes the dust off and continues the daily march. (Or maybe, grind.) The child in me aches for¬†the time – not so long ago, when work was almost play – filled with daily¬†streams of laughter, mischief, and plain wackiness ūüėČūüėú¬†.

Heraclitus¬†said “the only thing that is constant is change”. How about farewells?

No one said anything about what to do with these half-sown relationships. The constant ebb and flow of people in our lives Рlike shifting sands over the Saharan desert. Is it easy to just say goodbye? 

If ”¬†to say goodbye is to die a little¬†“, how much of one is left when those whom we connected with¬†are no longer found? Are not friends witnesses of our lives, whether in little or great moments?¬†

Being alone sometimes feels unreal. How can I be sure¬†– if¬†what I saw, or what I did – wasn’t just imagined, without a companion or witness? When¬†I stood over the beautiful Seine river for the first time, 5¬†years¬†ago, I had asked myself – is this real? Was I really here in Paris beholding¬†this beauty?

No one was with me to share that blissful moment.

So I took lots of pictures, as souvenirs and witness of my journey, many of which appear on pages in this blog. 

Looking back at the many chapters of my life, I found treasure in the motley collection of persons encountered through my shifting trades.

Saying Goodbye to the 'Cow"

From my wild ‘hairy’ days at Toni & Guy, to days of¬†song and dance backstage of musical theatre, to¬†where I presently am in a corporate academy: this is a tribute for all the boys, girls, men, women, whichever race and sexual preference you are of, who have crossed my path. I am the sum of these memories of you.¬†Like differing shades of a painting, you have coloured my world.¬†

I dedicate to you a luminous performance of Cole Porter’s ‘¬†Every Time We Say Goodbye¬†‘¬†(YouTube link) by the multi-talented Lady Gaga.¬†Did you know she sings jazz and classics really well?

I hope you enjoyed this post and the dedication. Leave me your comments .. 


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