Building a tree house

Isn’t it every boy’s (and perhaps some girls’) dream to live in a tree house?

Would I not love to live in this dream house too?

Wish I had a dad, brother or boyfriend who would build me one to live in…


I came upon this amazing video in one of my favourite magazines, Smith Journal.

Their content is for the most part masculine; veering towards adventure, DIY, real stories of places, people and their crafts, hobbies and lives; in short, really meaty stuff. Think a strapping handsome cowboy on a black stallion, and a cool gun … whoa!! 

A book is in the works to document the building process of this tree house, quirkily named ‘The Cinder Cone’ by Foster Huntington, so many others could follow the dream.

Ah .. and when will I meet a prince who’d build me a castle in the trees?

How about you, reader? Tell me what you feel about tree houses 🙂 

  2 comments for “Building a tree house

  1. Kit Kat
    August 12, 2015 at 13:48

    I love the video! It’s so inspiring! Where can I get a man like that? Salt of the earth, fun, capable, cute, and able to build a tree house? The film is so well-made!

  2. August 15, 2015 at 21:23

    I’m glad you loved the video, Kit! Thank you!

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